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Dish This – TV Gal Plays MatchMaker

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TV Gal plays matchmaker
By Amy Amatangelo

Sarah and Freddie. Katie and Chris. Renee and Jim. Angelina and Billy Bob (???). Yes, love is definitely in the air.

All this romance has me thinking about all my television friends and their love lives. And I thought — why not set them up on blind dates? Think about it � some of them could really use our help.

So I played matchmaker, matchmaker and found them a match, caught them a catch.

First, I�d have to take care of poor, broken hearted Dawson Leery (I told you I was feeling sorry for him by the season finale). I know Dawson doesn�t need a meaningless fling. There�s no reason to relive any of the moments he had with that tart Eve. Felicity�s Julie would be the perfect match for him. She has huge issues that Dawson could give her advice on (if he�s worrying about Julie�s birth father, he won�t have much time to think about Joey and Pacey on that boat.) Julie�s problems will help Dawson put his whining into perspective.

While I’m at the Creek, I also plan to set up Andie with Roswell’s Alex. Now that Max, Isabel, and Michael have learned their destiny, there’s lots of broken hearts in ‘Roswell.’ Andie’s still devastated over losing Pacey two lovelorns might make a right.

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