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No Place Like Home

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From LA Life section, LA Daily News:

No place like home

“Roswell” beauty Katherine Heigl, who’s 21, stresses she has no plans to move away from the home she shares with her mother to try life on her own. She says that such an attitude surprises some people, but she wants us to know, “My mother has created an amazing environment for me. I simply don’t want to leave.” She did leave home recently for a three-week visit with her father,
who resides in Virginia, and her sister, who remains a resident of Katherine’s native Connecticut. But, she says, “It was too long.” She was anxious to get back to her mom and home in the rural area of L.A.’s Malibu Canyon. She says of their relationship, “We get along so well and have such
a good time, I’d be stupid to move out. Besides, she provides the really great support one needs in Hollywood, which can be a terrifying place. You’re not only competing with so many people, but facing costant rejection, and it’s hard to know who is on your side and who just wants to use you. It
can be a very lonely place.”


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