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Roswell Cast to visit Roswell NM

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Journal Staff Report
On the hit WB television series “Roswell,” Sheriff Valenti and his son, Kyle, spend a lot of their time in the presence of aliens. But those aliens don’t sing and dance. And the ones in “Roswell, The Musical” do. And, apparently, that’s something the stars just have to see for themselves, because actors William Sadler (Sheriff Valenti) and Nick Wechsler (Kyle Valenti) are coming to town for opening night of “Roswell, The Musical” on Thursday. (June 15th)

Based on the legendary UFO incident of July 1947, “Roswell, The Musical” blends humor, romance and drama with a mix of facts and fantasy to create a one-of-a-kind play, complete with, yes, dancing aliens. The musical was written by veteran playwright Gene Murray at the request of Roswell and is produced by the Roswell Outdoor Theatrical Association as a part of its Summer Extravaganza.

Coca-Cola is event sponsor.
“This is going to be an opening night the people of Roswell will never forget,” said Tom Blake, president of ROTA. “Coca-Cola is helping us create the atmosphere of a real Hollywood premiere, with a searchlight, red carpet, and a few other surprises � perhaps even a chance to sit in a special VIP section with the stars from the ‘Roswell’ TV show.”

Coca-Cola also is using the gala event as the opportunity to “officially” introduce its new 8-ounce glass embossed “Roswell” bottle. This year, Roswell was chosen by Coca-Cola North America as one of only 24 cities in the United States to have its name embossed on the bottom of the bottle, a practice which hasn’t been done since the 1950s.

It will be Sadler’s first trip to Roswell, the town in which he is charged with “upholding the law” on the WB series. Nick Wechsler, who stars as the sheriff’s son and popular jock Kyle on the series, won’t be far from home when he visits Roswell for opening night � he is a native of Albuquerque, where much of his family still lives. He resides in Los Angeles.
“Roswell” airs on the WB on Monday at 9 p.m.


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