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Jason’s guest spot on Profiler, this weekend

Thanks to dolphinBVA for sending this in!

Jason’s episode of Profiler will air Sunday/Night Monday Morning in most markets. You can check for your local listings to find out the time and channel (and maybe day?)

Profiler: Crisis

Terrorists working with a nuclear physicist (Robert Sampson) who’s a closet
pacifist storm a banquet hall and take the diners hostage. Sister Mary: Pat
Crawford Brown. Frances: Heather McComb. Bryce Radford: Michael Shamus Wiles.
Woodrick: Don Steward.

Cast: Heather McComb, Robert Sampson, Pat Crawford Brown, A Martinez, William
Bogert, Arell Blanton, Dee Freeman, Michael Shamus Wiles, Don Steward, Jason
Behr, Ally Walker, Robert Davi, Julian McMahon

Mon 10 3:00 a.m.(est)


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