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Teen Movieline Roswell content

Thanks to *~*~*Leslie*~*~* for sending this in!

The Teen Movieline Magazine (Summer 2000) features Jason Behr, Majandra Delfino, and some mentions of Brendan Fehr. On the cover it has James Marsden (the hottest X-Man), Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez’s sexing up) and at the right corner there’s a pic of Jason and under it it says: JASON BEHR ON “ROSWELL,” RELATIONSHIPS, AND REAL LIFE.

On page 30 (hangout)- there’s a pic of Brendan and it says ….

Jason Behr walking on Larchmont Blvd. in LA carrying a Starbucks coffee….Brendan Fehr and Carly Pope at Jamba Juice on Larchmont Blvd. in LA

(this is in the hangout section, the paragraph is next to the title Spotted)

Page 49- The Look-TEE TALK Decide for yourself what these shirts are saying about the stars wearing them. There’s a pic of Brendan wearing a black METALLICA shirt.

purepleasures- FAMILY TIES- on pages 58 and 59. Majandra Delfino and sister Marieh (rhymes with Perrier, oh and she’s 20). It basically talks about her relationship with her sister and how they like to spend time together. It also mentions that once they went with Brendan Fehr and his roommate to eat sushi (that is also what the article is about, Majandra and her sister going out for sushi on Thursday nights) and Brendan didn’t want to try lobster rolls. He stuck to the cucumber rolls.

pages 68-73 Behring it all- “Roswell” ‘s enigmatic alien Jason Behr opens up about his childhood, his newfound celebrity, his ideal woman, and his fierce addiction….to donuts.


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