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Mention in the Boston Globe

Thanks to Emily for sending this in. This article was from Monday.

Quick Hits by Hayley Kauffman

“Once Go! had completely given up on “Felicity” (the awful writing, not Keri Russell’s haircut, was to blame), we immediately began scouting for another WB show chock-full of cute 20-somethings masquerading as precocious teens. Our only demand? Plot. Luckily we found “Roswell”, a show about a clutch of shockingly attractive young aliens struggling to evade shape-shifting evildoers and deal with the pressures of high school. Could Go! relate or
what? We even have a fave character, the sulky Michael Guerin, played by Brendan Fehr. So imagine our excitment when we heard that Fehr will be signing autographs today form 2 to 6 pm at Six Flags New England. Visitors can also enter to win a seat next to Fehr on one of the rides! Work, shmerk. A girl’s got to have priorities!


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