The Roswell Conspiracies

Thanks to “River Dawg” for sending this in! This comes from the program listing at this years Comic-con convention in San Diego. Its not exactly related to the Roswell series on the WB, but as River Dawg points out, it sounds similar to what may happen in season 2, and looks interesting in its own right

Click here for the convention program.

BKN: The Roswell Conspiracies–Roswell Conspiracies is a forty episode animated science fiction, mystery, adventure series produced by BKN Studios and airing every Weekday morning this Fall on the BKN Network. Animated in a cutting edge American anime style, Roswell Conspiracies chronicles the secret war of the Alliance against a multitude of hidden alien races living on Earth in an X-Files meets Nick Fury, Agent of Shield style. The Giant Robot Episode of Roswell will be screened, followed by a Q&A session with a number of the series’ creative staff: Executive Producer Joe Pearson (Evolution, Space Monkeys), Story Editor Greg Johnson (The X-Men, Biker Mice From Mars), Director Brad Rader (Spawn, Batman), Director Tom Tataranowitz (Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk), and Director Dan Fausett (Invasion America, Savage Dragon). A raffle will be held with Roswell cels, T Shirts, and other items. Room 4


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