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Colin posts at FanForumColin Hanks:
Hey there!
Colin here. Just thought I would drop a line and thank you guys for all your support. It really means a lot to all of us. It’s nice to know that people have been enjoying the work that we have been doing over the past year. Hopefully everyone will enjoy the next season. We have been workng very hard to try and give you guys something that you all will like. We hope you enjoy it as much as last seaon.
Hope you all have been having fun in these beautiful summer months.
Stay positive-colin

Nick writes an entry.Nick Wechsler:
Howdy, you smelly brats. I hope you don’t take it the wrong way that I may never come back in here again. It isn’t that I hate you or that your support doesn’t matter. (He’s lying.) But I want to tell you now that it has meant a lot to me that you’ve kept watching. Even when I’m in the episode. I feel stupid saying thank you. It isn’t enough.

Katherine thanks the fans for their support.
Katherine Heigl:
I just wanted to quickly say hi to all the people out there who couldn’t make it to the party! I also want to sincerly thank you all for the increadible show of support!!

Jason says hi on the message boards.Jason Behr:
Just want to say hi to everyone who couldn’t be here tonight. And also to extend my heartfelt gratitude for all your support throughout the year, I know it opened a lot of eyes. You may already know we’re back at work for season 2, and should premiere sometime in October. I hope you enjoy the show as much as we do making it.
P.S. By the way this really is me. And not Liquid Wax, or the other jb_Tobasco_ski ? – guy, whoever that may be cause this is the first time I heard of ya. Thank you again, for everything.

Emilie de Ravin:
Hi to everyone out there reading, thank you for reading this! If you couldn’t be here tonight, I hope you can be next time, we should do this more often, it’s so much fun and a great way for us, the cast, to thank everyone for their wonderful support throughout the year. So, I hope you’re all having a good night, or day wherever you are, and I hope to meet you all soon. Love and hugs, Emilie

Jim Ortlieb: (Nasedo) (pictures on another disk, will be up tomorrow)
Well, it’s a pleasure to be addressing you from the Crashdown party in Hollywood. An honor to say Hello to all you Roswellians that keep this show in the headlines. This show is the keepers, the writers. Thank you to them from me, Mr. Harding.

This is Mrs. Harding taking over as Mr. Harding has stepped away to the bar. The coolest things by far are the green alien head blow-up balloons. The fans have been gracious and welcoming. The auction has just started and we hope that RIHHIN (Roswell is Hot, Hunger is Not), the charity to fight hunger, will profit greatly tonight. Lots of scripts, clothes, autographed photos, etc.

He’s back.

So we’ll see you next week and don’t forget monday nights……………