Crashdown ExclusiveWilliam Sadler

Crashdown Affiliates with Bill Sadler’s Official Site

Crashdown is proud to announce that we have become affiliated with the Official William Sadler site, William Sadler – Wild on the Web.

The Official Sadler site also maintains an affiliation with EfanGuide, but is owned by neither network, and will remain independant.

The site offers frequent updates about Mr. V, exclusive pictures, and a separate bulletin board. If you post on the board there, you will need to register separately from fanforum.

From the musical Christmas greeting, through all of his posts on the Valentine threads, Mr. V has been a extremlly valued member of the Fan Forum community. His guidance and sense of humor has been appreciated by many, and so it is an honor for crashdown to be affiliated with his official web site.

This is only the first of several new and exciting affiliation agreements that we plan to enter with other web sites. Keep checking back for details.