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More Quilt pics

Some more pictures of the quilts given to the cast members during the Crashdown Party weekend, and a story of how the quilts came into being have been uploaded to the site. You can view them from the link below. When we get this added into to the total party coverage stuff, I’ll make sure it includes all of the text that people sent, and captions of who is who in the photos. Maggie, who sewed both Bill’s and Nick’s quilts could not make it to the party, so isn’t in any of the pictures.

Please visit the gallery to see the quilts for the actors:
Roswell Quilts

To learn more about the history read this summary:

The History behind the Rosquilters….

It all started with a wonderful television show, Roswell. It came into our lives one fateful day in October 1999 and took a hold of us and became part of our lives. Many of us watched faithfully, fell in love with the characters, became enmeshed in their story lines, searched the internet, found the, thus finding other fans just as addicted as ourselves and in time, formed valuable friendships. And when the time came that we thought we would lose our beloved show, sent in letters and bottles upon bottles of Tabasco sauce to prove our faithfulness to the show.

While falling in love with the show itself, we also became very fond of our cast of actors. Every one of you endeared yourselves to us in many different ways. When we found out that the Crashdown was holding a Fan Forum party in Los Angeles, we all got together, purchased our plane tickets, made our hotel reservations and proceeded to wait anxiously for the day we would meet face to face with our newfound friends. Coming from many parts of the world to get together for a common cause.

We wanted to present the cast with a gift. A gift that would show them how much we cared for and appreciated them. Hopefully, something they would treasure and would bring them fond memories of their fans. What better than a quilt? In my little “essay” in Jason’s journal, I said that “a quilt pulls together from many sources and creates something as a whole”. Your fans, the ones who will stand behind you and support you in your current and future endeavors, they each created a square that was binded together to create a quilt for each of you. Much like a quilt surrounding you and supporting you… your fans will be there for you.

Please accept this quilt as a token of our appreciation of your work, your talent and just for you, being you. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed putting them together.


The Rosquilters