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Say hey to Bill Sadler from Crashdown folk

A couple of weeks back crashdown and williamsadler.com entered into an affiliate agreement, where the sites would cross promote each other. From Crashdown’s point of view, we wanted to do this because Mr. Sadler has given us so much support in the past, and he is such an upright and righteous guy. I was just over at their site and I notice that they only have 933 hits since we entered into this agreement.

He has a really cool official site, unlike a lot of official star sites that you see out there. I would really like to see some of the crashdown people go over there and say hey, and thank Bill for being so cool to us.

I’m going to start a thread on his board that says thank you, and if you read this I personally would really appreciate it if you could go over and say you saw this post and just wanted to say thank you. Mr. Sadler has done a lot for us, and I see a poll I put up yesterday on crashdown has 3000+ responses, but the official site, our first affiliate only has 900 hits?

So go say Hey, and thanks. Lets not seem unappreciative. I’d like to see 3000+ hits over there with everyone that goes there signing my post on that board. Can you help me here? Please!

Follow this link, and post if you read this!


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