Pittsburgh Post-Gazette interviews Roswell writers (some spoilers)

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
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LOCAL TV SCRIBE ABDUCTED BY ALIENS: After two seasons scripting the antics of those aging “Beverly Hills, 90210” kids, Franklin Park native Gretchen Berg and her writing partner Aaron Harberts have landed jobs as co-producers on The WB’s “Roswell.”

Actually, “Roswell” is becoming a Pittsburgh kind of show, with Swissvale native David Conrad reprising his role from last season in the Oct. 2 season premiere.

Berg and Harberts wrote episode No. 4 and they’re working on No. 7. “Roswell” never quite gelled last season, but Berg thinks its best episodes are yet to come.

“The show really found its groove,” she said in a phone interview from her office on the Paramount lot, where “Roswell” films. “It’s such a perfect combination between sweeping romance, the angst and yearning of being teenagers in love, and fast-paced sci-fi action.”

Emilie de Ravin, who joined the series late last season as fourth alien Tess, returns and continues to be a stumbling block in the path to true love between alien Max (Jason Behr) and human Liz (Shiri Appleby).

“People love to hate [Tess], and it’s really helpful to the show,” Berg said. “It gets people engaged and worked up.”

Berg said Tess will become more sympathetic this season, but she may continue to thwart Max’s relationship with Liz.

“It can’t always be easy,” Berg said. “We’ve got to squeeze a couple seasons out of this.”

She and Harberts are also awaiting the release of their first feature film, “Valentine,” starring David Boreanaz (“Angel”). It’s expected to be released in February. Boreanaz stars as the butt of a harsh practical joke who seeks revenge on his tormentors a decade later.

Whether or not Berg and Harberts get credit for writing the film is up in the air. As is customary on big-screen features, other writers were brought in after Berg and Harberts worked on the project.

Berg’s sister, Jennifer, has also made the trek west, landing a post-production job with a company that makes documentaries for The History Channel, Travel Channel and A&E’s “Biography” among others.

Note: Only the portion of this article relating to Roswell is posted here.