EW-Fall TV Preview – September 29, 2000

Entertainment Weekly-Fall TV Preview
Monday Night
Page 49 (with a small photo of Jason Behr)

THE WB 9-10 PM

The second season will emphasize sci-fi over swooning, but “we won’t lose the relationship part of the show,” exec producer Jason Katims assures us. “We’re not throwing that baby away with the bath water.” Max (Jason Behr, above) will pursue his dual destinies to lead the aliens and to hook up with Tess (Emilie de Ravin, now a series regular). Katherine Heigl’s Isabel, meanwhile, “will come into her own as an alien,” the actress says. “But she’s not going to morph into a green creature with four eyes.” Anyone who’s seen Heigl’s eye-popping pinups will be thankful for that.
(Oct. 2)