Late for the Sky Fanzine coming soon!

Thanks to Irene for sending this in!

As the late November release date swiftly approaches, final prep work on Late for the Sky, Roswell’s first fanzine, cranks into high gear.

Generating fan excitement from coast to coast (and overseas, as well), the “buzz” on Late for the Sky is rapidly making this first endeavor from MadSeasonPress partners, Bella Richards and Irene Shafer, an all-out success, even amongst Roswell’s talented pool of fan writers. As the momentum towards publication picks up, more and more of the fandom’s best and brightest “sign on” for its first issue. Recent new faces include Mnemosyne, whose “Whisper Scream” was nominated for several awards this year including a Golden Tabasco Award, and Kara Larson and Emily Cogan of Roswell Underground fame. (Kara and Em have both given us Roswell Elementary stories for the ‘zine!) Also new to our art department is the artist whose charming and adorable caricatures of the cast graced the pages of the Yearbook. Lynn Morton has just put the finishing touches to the illustrations for Bella’s “The Wizard of Roz” and she truly has outdone herself! We were also very fortunate to have enlisted the artistic aid of both Crashdown art archive mistress, Dawnie Vaughan, and stellar portrait artist, Connie Shoemaker.

Wonder what the talk is all about? Stop by the web site and catch this week’s featured fiction teaser, a scene from Fehrkitten’s stirring Michael/Liz UC fic, “Sanctuary.” In upcoming weeks we’ll post snippets from loki’s reflective Maria piece, “Told Me So” and Kathyn (Cotti) Bognar’s “The Night Will Never Stay.” You’ll find links to all our past teasers, as well.


Also to be featured are original stories by Ash, Mnemosyne, Kara Larson, Emily Cogan, Joy Elizabeth Watson, Kathryn Bognar (Cotti), Elizabeth, Fehrkitten, loki, Kris Blackwood, Stephanie Cooke, Jennifer Liles, Bella Richards, and Irene Shafer.

Poetry by Kara Larson, Lezlee Brinkman, Courtney Lynn, Bella Richards, Brooke Ryan, Carolyn Sawyers and Irene Shafer.

Artwork by Dawnie Vaughan, Connie Shoemaker, Almassy, Lynn Morton, Kathryn Bognar, Kris Blackwood, Rosemarie Tribuzi and (and possibly a few other surprises!)

Late for the Sky, Roswell’s first fanzine, coming to a mailbox near you mid-November!!