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Max and Michael video – Destiny vs. Love? Transcript

As always, you’re a lifesaver MyrnaLynne by doing this for everyone and for sending it in.

Max and Michael video – Destiny vs. Love? Leadership vs. Liz?

from WB/

transcribed by MyrnaLynne

[Tight camera shots of Max’s face, alternating with bit longer shots of
Michael, in a quiet cinema verite style]

Max: As friends we’ve never been put in this situation before.

Michael: Where you gotta sacrifice, man – I mean, what’s more
– a girl or finding out where you’re from and who you are?

Max: Things have just been really hard, lately.

Michael: Um – you know, and he’s choosing the girl thing… I don’t

Max: I think he ‘feels’ a lot more than he actually ‘thinks.’

Michael: It’s like home vs… whatever ‘this’… so.. I don’t know.
Idon’t think he.. I don’t know if he’s ignoring it, or what he’s doing.

Max: He has a tendency to be.. uh.. a little.. quick to do things.

Michael: He’s.. you know.. he’s backing the plan up a lot.. I mean,
could’ve got a lot more crap done, you know, if he had just.. focussed.

Max: I think sometimes he doesn’t think about the repercussions of
hisactions and he just acts, which… sometimes I envy that.

Michael: I mean, he’s supposed to be our leader and he’s sitting
you know..wooing this girl. That’s not a leader – that’s a…

Max: It would be nice to just let my emotions rule my decisions and
jump before I look and take things as they come, and in some ways I guess
I’velearned a little bit of that from him.