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Calgary Herald: Katherine Heigl

Thanks to Kelsey for this:
There was an article in the Calgary Herald today about Katherine Heigl and
Valentine. I scanned the artical, but in the first and last colums some
words were cut of so I typed them up. Sorry if there’s any typos.

First Colum
During the days she was filming the scene in Vancouver, Katherine Heigl
found herself in a surorisingly frivolous mood. She was portraying a young
medical student about to perform an autopsy, and having trouble taking the
moment seriously. “Thats because the young man in question was a very alvie
human being who had been made to look dead,” Heigl laughs. “And I had been
chatting with hin earlier that day. So it was kind of funny to have him
lying on the table looking like the corpse.” But by the time that that scene
from Valentine ends, some distinctly unpleasant events have occurred. Now
when Heigl watches it she gets….

Last Colum
“….time with them” Movies such as the Silence of the Lambs or the upcoming
Hannibal come from “a more realistic area” she says, whereas this one falls
into the “fun” genre. “Something like Valentin is much easier to sell to oa
lot of young people as a good date film, because it’s almost absurb in some
ways.” And yer she reiterates, such films can scare the daylights out of
you-“provide they’re done well.” At a time when her career is purring along
nicely, Heigl is trying to make fewer demands on herself. She says that if
there’s one word which describes her it’s “insatiable,” and this can be a
problem because it means she has unreasonably high expectations. “I have a
tendency to never quite be satisfied with anything” “I’m the kind of person
for whom so much that happens is never enough.”