Dido concert – report from Stockhom, Sweden

Thanks to Hanna for this.) I’m posting this separate from the update since it’s a review.

I just got back from the Dido-consert at Södra Teatern in Stockholm! Wow! I
LOVED it! Her voice was amazing and her precense on stage outstanding!

She sang all the songs on her album except “Take my hand”. She also sang
“Don’t leave home” which is becoming my favorite song with her.

Södra Teatern is a very small theater and it was sold out. Dido has been
getting a lot of air time over here lately with “Here with me” and Eminem’s
“Stan”, so she’s becoming a name. Her album is currently at number 9 in the
Swedish charts.

One of our newspapers, “Expressen”, will give her 3 out of 5 in the paper
tomorrow, which is pretty good.

Dido said that it was her first preformance outside the US for a long time,
and it was the first time she was on her own (without “Faithless”). The
crowd couldn’t stop clapping their hands after the consert, so I think she
thought she did pretty well ;-)

Her opening act, Tom McRae, was great! I recommend that you download a few
songs, like “End of the world” and “I ain’t scared of lightning”. Loved
them! It’s simple; a guy and his guitar, but it’s beautiful!

I hope the rest of her tour goes as well as her consert tonight did! I will
remember tonight always, and it’s the best consert I’ve ever seen! :-)

We also had a small Scandinavian Embassy gathering before the consert. It
was really special to meet people that you’ve been chatting with for a long
time, and then sit in the first row at a consert and watch Dido together.
Words can’t express how wonderful tonight was.