YM: Sara Downing Mention – Dead Last

Thanks to Caitlin and anyone else who may have sent this in for this:

I was reading the March 2001 issue of YM and there is a small section on the
magazine called “new series spotlight” where they post about upcoming tv
shows. Theres a new one called “Dead Last” thats coming on the wb and it
stars Sara Downing (who played Courtney- The skin who killed herself in “Wipe

Here’s the Article:
“Dead Last (The WB)-A rock trio sees dead people after they find a magical
amulet. Hello Sixth Sense? (Notice how these shows are all like another
series or a movie?) But the show’s not all spooks-their manager can’t see the
dearly departed. With a cool mix of humor and horror, it can’t finish Dead
Last in the ratings.”