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E! Online: Brendan Fehr’s Tattoo

Thanks to Rae for this:

Unfortunately, Now the Band Is Suing His Arm for Copyright Infringement…

Roswell heartthrob Brendan Fehr seems to have it all: a TV series, movie
offers, money. But like all aspiring actors, he wants to get plenty of ink.
In Fehr’s case, however, he’s not looking for ink in the newspapers; he wants
it on his shoulder. “I’ve been thinking for about three years of getting a
tattoo,” Fehr says in the winter TM. Three years is a long time to think
about anything, so we can only imagine that he came up with something really
clever, something so wry that he had to have it permanently etched upon his
arm to ensure laughter and hilarity for all. “Because I’m a huge fan of
Metallica,” Fehr says (which already begins to make us concerned), “people
were saying I should get a tattoo of Metallica’s logo. I’m a huge fan, but
I’m not a retard.” Oh, obviously. It seems that all that concentrating paid
off. Fehr doesn’t get the logo–that would be silly–he gets something else
instead. “I had this one Metallica T-shirt with this guy on it in flames.”
That’s the image tattooed on his hunky arm. No dummy he, now Fehr won’t ever
have to worry about his favorite shirt wearing out.