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Brendan’s commentary on “Meet The Dupes” from

Here is the transcript of Brendan’s commentary on “Meet The Dupes” in the Season Two Primer at

“Well first thing was the er physical appearance, that kind of sets the mood depending on what you look like. If you feel you look mean, if you feel others will perceive you to be mean then its a lot easier to play. If you’re a geek in glasses and you know, your pants hiked up to your tits you will not feel particularly mean. So the mohaw and the tattoes and the chains and the leather and the big boots that kind of sets the stage so you can walk out of the trailer just really feeling it. The second part would be the dialogue. You combine the look with the dialogue and after that you basically just make little decisions yourself here and there. I don’t even know what i was trying.

The first *laugh* the first episode I didn’t think I was good in at all. I thought, I thought I really sucked and it was because i was trying to do a New York accent. I’m terrible at accents number one so I didn’t know what I was doing. I’m still inhibited in some ways in terms of playing the character to its fullest. Cause you really put yourself out there and if you put yourself out completely and it sucks you feel really awful cause you gave it the most you had and you still sucked. So sometimes its a lot easier – not that I went half assed on it – but its a lot easier to go 70 percent and go “Err I wasn’t that great but i had 30% more to give – it would have been great if I did”. It’s almost like not wanting to do something cause you don’t want to fail so for the first episode it was half that and it was half just not having the time to prepare a proper New York accent which for anyone not living outside of New York, any actor and stuff like that unless they got a gift at accents and an ear for it – you know, it takes a little time.”