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TV Guide
Orange County, CA
March 3-9, 2001

ALL IN THE FAMILY: Ever wonder what Tom Hanks does when he isn’t talking to volleyballs or collecting Oscars? We bet he’s tuning into WB to catch his son, Colin, hanging with his bosom buddies on Roswell. Like Hanks, a number of Hollywood’s biggest names now have a great excuse to spend some quality time in front of the television: their kids. Here, five young stars and the famous folks they’re making proud.

Colin Hanks-Age 23, plays the sweet and sensitive Alex Whitman on WB’s Roswell.
Meet the ‘rents: Two-time Oscar winner TOM HANKS and actress/producer SAMANTHA LEWES.
Baby Steps: It wasn’t dad who urged Colin to go pro but girlfriend Busy Philipps (Freaks and Geeks), whom he met while studying theater at Loyola Marymount University.

Parental Advisory: “I don’t really ask him too much stuff,” says Colin of his dad. No biggie-he’ll get to learn on the job when he
appears in Hanks’s upcoming “Bank of Brothers”.