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NY Post: 4 Questions for Colin Hanks

Thanks to Chaz and anyone else who may have sent this in.

This was in Sunday’s NY Post:

Nothing hurts like losing your dog

Who are your heroes?
Flea [of red hot Chili Peppers] and Les Claypool [Primus]. Not only are they both amazingly talented bassists, but I discovered them at a very important time in your teenage years where you discover your own type of music and how important it can be in your life.
They kind of inspired me to play the bass guitar. Now, music is a very big thing in my life.

Is there a book or movie that has changed your life?
Growing up, there was a book called “The Phantom Toll Booth” [by Norman Juster] that I really loved. It was a really great book for a kid. There was a part [where the hero almost gets trapped] in a place called The Doldrums. If you think about stuff for too long, you’ll get trapped, and you’ll just go around in circles and never get to where you’re going.

What was your worst day ever?
It wasn’t just a day, it was a week. A roommate had accidentally not closed the door when he left for work, and my dog got out.
It was about a week later I found out that the pound had put the dog to sleep-on my birthday in fact. That day sucked.

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this?
In an ideal world, I’d be a musician, playing bass professionally. but, you see, I’m not that good a bass player so, therefore..

Hanks, whose father is a certain Oscar-winning actor, stars in the WB’s “Roswell” and appears in the theatrical film, “Get Over It.”