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TV Guide Online: Job Star Deciphers Girl Code

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This was in TV Guide Insider Online today – March15

Job Star Deciphers Girl Code

by Allie Cahill

Former Loveline co-host Diane Farr knows what women want. And in her first novel, The Girl Code (Little Brown, $14.95), the actress demystifies dating and doles out advice to lovelorn ladies. But Farr, who co-stars on Roswell and Denis Leary’s new ABC police dramedy The Job, is quick to point out that her book is nothing like The Rules.

“I think it’s really demeaning to insinuate that a woman has to trick a man into spending his life with her,” Farr tells TV Guide Online. “We certainly don’t have to trick anybody into our company.” Instead, she says The Girl Code is meant as a “homage to friendship. It’s revering girl-girl relationships which we don’t spend that much time on.”

Sharing anecdotes with her girlfriends and managing bars before her acting career took off helped Farr compile a list of dating do’s and don’ts over the years. Besides flat-out lying about yourself on a date, she says, “Another really bad trap that people get into a lot in Los Angeles is just aggrandizing oneself. Everyone is so afraid of each other in the dating scene.”

Farr is further determined to dispel the myth “that women can get laid whenever the heck they want. We just walk out of the house and decide who we want to have sex with.” This, she laughs, “is not the case. And it does require much more work than any man seems to think. We’re just as uncomfortable. [Men and women] can’t read signs from [each other], so the more honest you are, the easier it is to get there.”

Having worked closely with the mostly male casts of Loveline, The Drew Carey Show and The Job, Farr wryly passes on one last bit of advice: “The key issue is basically not to sleep with your co-workers, and you can work in those guy environments.”