Articles Featuring “Roswell” Mentions

Thanks to OlderFan for this :)

Here are excerpts from two recent articles that mentioned Roswell.

The first appeared April 13 in the Orlando Sentinel in the “Commander Coconut” column:


Orlando Sentinel
Friday, April 13, 2001
Commander COCONUT Paging Mrs. Springsteen
Commander Coconut, Sentinel Columnist
I had almost forgotten Roswell, which I had decided not to watch any
more, and Felicity, both of them WB series that have been on hiatus
because the WB has its own odd ideas about scheduling. Not that they’re
wrongheaded, just odd. Roswell is going to kill off a main character,
and, in the office, we were talking about who we hoped it would be.
Isn’t that grisly? I hoped it would be either the high-waisted girl
(Maria) or Michael. The others picked Tess. (The rumor is, however,
that it’s Kyle, the sheriff’s boy.) I liked both Roswell and Felicity
at first, but they are out of sight-out of mind, and my new favorite
WB series is Gilmore Girls.

(editorial comment from OlderFan: I think Commander Coconut needs to find himself a new rumor mill.)

The second excerpt is from an article in the Chicago Sun-Times. I have only included the information about the WB shows:


Chicago Sun-Times
Thursday, April 12, 2001
Will your show go
Phil Rosenthal
It’s the mean season in TV land.
With only a month to go until the networks announce their fall
schedules, the next few weeks will determine which shows survive and
which do not.

Ratings play a big role, but they are hardly the only factor.
Contract negotiations again this year will determine the fate of
Fox’s “The X-Files,” and uncertainty over whether “Buffy the
Vampire Slayer” will remain on the WB could affect other networks
and other shows.
Little is written in stone at this point, and it’s hardly an exact

These shows have either been renewed or are almost certain to be
THE WB: “Charmed,” “Dawson’s Creek,” “For Your Love,”
“Gilmore Girls,” “Nikki,” “Popstars,” “Sabrina the Teenage
Witch,” “The Steve Harvey Show” and “7th Heaven.”
“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”: This is the hottest show on the
block this season. The WB is playing hardball in renewal negotiations
with Twentieth, which is threatening to take the show to a rival
network, most likely Fox.
These are the shows whose fates are uncertain.

“Angel”: If the WB loses “Buffy,” its spinoff “Angel” can
pack its bags, too. Given the lackluster recent episodes, that might
not be a huge loss.
“Felicity”: Now that Keri Russell’s hair has grown back, there
are no more excuses. It’s likely to be brought back, but how it does
after returning next week will solidify things.
“Grosse Pointe”: There’s still a chance this “90210” parody
could return, but the odds aren’t good.
“Jack & Jill”: Jack fell down and broke her crown, and Jill came
tumbling after.
“The Oblongs”: It’s too soon to tell whether this gross, unfunny
animated series has a shot. We can only hope not.
“Popular”: It’s no longer popular. The series simply lost its
“Roswell”: This show dodged a bullet last year. This year it has
struggled. The thinking here is that the only way it comes back is if
Twentieth ties its renewal to the WB getting to keep “Buffy.”

These shows have already been canceled or announced they are
ending their run. They may resurface briefly with unseen episodes in
the event of a strike by writers and/or actors. But barring a major
revision, they’re dead, dead, dead.
THE WB: “Hype,” “The PJs” and “The Jamie Foxx Show.”