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Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald-Shiri’s New Movie

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Polson hotfoots American debut to beat Hollywood strike
Date: 23/04/2001

By Garry Maddox

Australian actor-director John Polson is sneaking in before the looming Hollywood strike with his first American film.

The teen psychological thriller swimfan85 starts shooting in New York next month on the eve of the expected film industry shutdown.

Polson calls the film “Fatal Attraction in high school”. Starring Erika Christensen (Traffic), Jesse Bradford (Bring It On) and Shiri Appleby (television’s Roswell), it’s a story of a champion swimmer who sleeps with a new girl in town then finds things going amiss. It’s being made for “under $US10 million ($20 million)”.

Professing a dislike for the phrase “teen thriller”, Polson likens the film to I Know What You Did Last Summer. “What we’re trying to do is make a smart, sophisticated thriller that happens to have teenagers in the lead roles.”

He was on standby to make the film, which takes its name from an email address, while overseeing Tropfest earlier this year. “I got a call I guess two weeks later saying you’d better get on a plane.”

Casting initially presented a problem, Polson says.