LeadingMajandra Delfino

Majandra “Latina Lovely”

Thanks to Caitlin for this :

Majandra Delfino was featured in am AOL exclusive called “Latina Lovelies” It
had a pic of her and a short article:

Name: Majandra Delfino
Background: Born in Caracas, Venezuela, to a Venezuelan father and
Cuban-American mother
Why She’s Hot: As a teenager in love with an alien on TV’s ‘Roswell,’ her
acting’s been out of this world.

Other actresses featured were Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Penelope Cruz,
Cameron Diaz, Salma Hayek, Piper Perabo and Michelle Rodriguez

Theres a poll at http://polls.aol.com:8080/?ifs_id=1937&cookie=temp987808864&

Majandra is losing!! Please get some votes in!