Roswell Girls In Celebrity Hairstyle Magazine

Thanks to lizparker12 for this:

Just wanted to let any Roswell fan know that the girls are in May’s Celebrity
Hairstyle mag. On the cover are two photos: Emilie and Majandra. Inside index
another pic of Emilie.

Page 18:
(Pic of Emilie) Underneath the pic is the following article:
Texture Treat
On Roswell, EMILIE DE RAVIN plays Tess Harding, one of the town’s
out-of-this-world teens with more problems than most all-American adolescents
could even imagine! But there’s nothing alien about Emilie’s smashing,
textured style, with twisty pieces interspersed among soft, shoulder-resting
waves. Prime hair with texturizer and finger-style with a diffusor or, if
your hair is naturally straight, comb in setting gel, set on large flexible
shapers, and finger-fluff to fullness.

On page 24:
(Pic of Majandra)
Majandra’s Main Moves
With her sarcastic humor and energetic nature, Maria De Luca adds comic
relief to the somber mood of Roswell. This season, portrayer MAJANDRA DELFINO
lightens her look as well, trading last season’s sleek bob for this more
ladylike, long look. WIth blonde highlights woven throughout, hair tumbles in
loose waves past the shoulder. After hair is blown-out with a large round
brush, ends are spun around a large-barreled curling iron. Part down the
center, then twist both sides back and tuck pins underneath to hold for a
truly feminine finish.

On page 26:
(pic of Shiri)
Shiri’s Sweet Style
Al Liz Parker on the sci-fi series Roswell, SHIRI APPLEBY has a
star-crossed romance with an alien…but there’s nothing unusual about the
young star’s sweet simple style. The look is longer than last season, with
up-front graduation and razored ends imbuing her thick, straight strands with
swing and texture. To take her hair smooth, she combs in hairdressing creme,
then blows it out over a large round brush. After curving the front at a
slight angle, give ends separation by tousling through them with
pomade-coated fingers.