Sacrifice a tree for ROSWELL (Important)

Carolyn over at Bill’s official site posted this on his message board and I’m posting it here because it’s that important (hope u don’t mind, Mama C)

I’m gonna double-post this, because it’s so darned important right now. The next few weeks are going to decide whether or not ROSWELL makes it back for a third season, so it seems imperative that I post again about how crucial it is that all you eager net-surfers participate in something that may seem antiquated to you.
Paper mail. That’s right, paper mail. Letters on paper, in envelopes, also made of paper. Typed letters. Handwritten letters. Positive, enthusiastic, “we love ROSWELL, we buy all the products, we only turn on our TVs to watch ROSWELL” letters.

E-mail just doesn’t count. At most, someone tallies whether you’re pro-ROSWELL or not, and then it gets deleted. All the actual executive is going to see is some tally sheet handed to him/her by a secretary, IF they see that much. E-mail is ether. It takes up no space. It takes nothing to dispose of it.

Bags full of stuff that a secretary trips over, that’s an entirely different matter. Network executives are FAR more impressed by ONE paper letter that they are by a dozen or even a hundred e-mails.

Bill (you know, that guy we all like over here) went over this with me and anyone else who asked this past weekend over and over again — e-mail doesn’t count diddly. If ROSWELL has to depend on e-mail to get renewed, then ROSWELL will be over in six more episodes. So PLEASE, send your cards and letters to:

Jamie Kellner
The WB Television Network
3701 Oak Street
Building 34-R
Burbank, CA 91522

Yes, there are other people involved, but this is the man with the final word. Write to him!

And just a comment here — this is by no means meant to belittle or deride the efforts of the folks who have put together e-mail campaigns or petitions. It’s wonderful that so many people are so committed to bringing ROSWELL back for another season. But I really want to see that energy and commitment pay off, and the way to make that happen is to focus on sending in old-fashioned snail mail, because that’s what gets read, and that’s what gets noticed, and that’s what gets shows like ROSWELL renewed.

So, please. Get out the paper, get out the stamps, and get out the vote for ROSWELL!


Mama C.

P.S. Oh, and about that tree … if you feel guilty about using paper, plant a nice tree in your yard when you’re done righting. Who knows, maybe it will get a chance to grow a few feet taller while ROSWELL is still on the air.

Thanks to Lilah for this :)

I had a
piece of news that I thought was important. April 1, I was able to attend
the Star Trek Convention where I met Bill (William) Sadler. I asked him
about “Roswell” and he said that they had finished filming for the season
and that the sets were being put away. Bill said that they are unsure
whether there will be a third season and that we should all write letters to
help out. I know that letter writing campaigns have been going for a while
but when I heard it from Bill himself I realized its importance. I know we
all love him as Sheriff Valenti and want to see him continue in this role so
lets write those letters. The following is the address he gave me to write
to. He said don’t e-mail because the studio doesn’t count e-mails. So
everyone write to this address the day you read this and we may just save
our favorite show “Roswell”.

Write to : Mr. Jaime Kellner, CEO
The WB Television Network
3701 Oak Street
Building 34-R
Burbank, Ca 91522