Crashdown, FF’s woes, and the “Honor System”

I wanted to make sure people saw the announcements on the message boards, in case there are some who visit the crashdown site, but don’t go there.

Please read this announcement:

There has been some confusion as to what the loss of Fan Forum would mean to crashdown, and its continued existance.

The fact is that crashdown, the web site itself, uses about 1/3 of the total bandwidth of Fan Forum. Last month, this site transferred 378 Gig. If you factor in the Roswell related message boards, and the other Roswell sites that are hosted on Fan Forum, I think Roswell content is probably responsible for about 75% to 80% of the usage of bandwidth. And we have definitely contributed both to the growth, and to the woe’s of Fan Forum.

Without a host capable of dealing with so much bandwidth, and so many hits per day, there is no way crashdown can keep going. In addition, crashdown is very much a part of Fan Forum.

So if you read that announcement, just please be aware that our future is intertwined completely with that of Fan Forum.


not an active member anymore.