Majandra DelfinoRoswellShiri Appleby

Majandra and Shiri in Cosmo Girl

Thanks to Flootytooty427 for this :)

On page 80 of the mag, shiri is on there under fashion diva with the
most wanted vintage style. The caption next to the pic reads “There you ar,
in a thrift store, hunting for finds no one else in the world has. No one,
well, except maybe…Shiri Appleby.” On page 74 she is there under a fashion
map as a celeb soul sister and she represents the vintage category.
Unfortunately, Majandra is not on a page everyone will want to write
home about. On page 40 they have Psssst…. pit-y, pit-y ” we knew we had
something in common with these celebs.” Its about stars with armpit stains on
their clothes and under Maj’s pic it says “Ros-smell”

Check out the magazine. Its a great issue!