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Jason Behr guest stars on Step by Step This Tuesday

Thanks to Guinevere for this :)

Um, I’m on sure if you already know about this, but Jason Behr will be on the show Step by Step on Fox Family Channel on Tuesday, September 4 @ 7:30 PM Eastern Time. They’re playing two episodes of the show back to back, and he’s on the second one. The show’s cancelled but Fox Family is still playing re-runs. This was Jason’s first TV gig, and it aired Oct. 1994. So he was 16. I for one, am excited to see him as a 16 y/o. He’s guest starring as some guy named Larry. He’s on another episode, too, which is five episodes after this one. But I’m not sure when it’s airing, because the channel’s website hasn’t posted it’s schedule that far yet. But when it does, I’ll let you know.:)