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Majandra at MGM “Original Sin” After-party

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from: Yahoo & Variety


HOLLYWOOD (Variety) – Taking its cue from the pic, MGM furnished Tuesday’s “Original Sin” after-party at the DGA with lavish beds, which were popular with the guests, and featured sinful desserts and rich liqueurs.

Star Antonio Banderas endorsed the choice of furniture saying, “You know, the bed is a very important and useful thing. I know it is in my house.”

He downplayed the bed’s extensive use in the pic, saying, “We’re talking about two married people, in love, making love. It bothers me much more to kill someone in a movie … kiss not kill.”

His co-star, Angelina Jolie with husband Billy Bob Thornton, ducked out soon after pic unspooled, but among those at the party were Michael Cristofer and co-star Thomas Jane; plus guests Jacqueline Bisset, Wes Craven, Majandra Delfino, Esai Morales and Sylvester Stallone.

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