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Shiri Appleby on Smackdown and ‘Who’s The Boss’

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During Wrestling they showed Shiri on screen and talked about her then said that next time they would show another Roswell Hottie and to watch Roswell on
Tuesdays during the new Fall lineup.

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Shiri Appleby was shown as a promo for Roswell on WWF Smackdown. She was just wearing Liz type clothes and they talked about starting a Roswell fanclub(the
annoucers). They also said they would have another Roswell woman on Smackdown
next week.

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On August 2,2001 I saw Shiri Appleby on Who’s the Boss.She played a third grader in a class of third graders who were poking fun at Mr.Meccelli aka Tony Danza.The credits also state she poking fun at him.
Yesterday I watched WWF and there was a roswell commercial with shiri,jason,Katherine.It was short and for 10 sec.The background was in blue and black .I also saw a longer commercial for about 30 sec.Where commentators of the wwf were talking baout the roswell grl of the week which was shiri.Shiri was modeling teh commercial wearing black pants and a tank top.The commentators were talking about the crash and how hott shiri was.They said they wanted to start a roswell fan club.