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Two Roswell Actors Mentioned in TV Guide (Sept 1-7th)

Thanks to velasca and Genevieve for sending this in!

In the Sept. 1-7, 2001 issue of TV Guide there are two Roswell mentions. On page 8 in the Hollywood Grapevine, Katherine’s new hair style is mentioned and on page 30 under Game Faces Majandra is cited as being a Patriots fan watching games with the cast at Brendan’s home.

Hollywood Grapevine (p 8)

In the TV business, changing the way you look can have dire consequences. Which is why producers put clauses in contracts requiring stars to maintain everything from their weight to their do. But when Roswell’s Katherine Heigl cut her blond hair and dyed it brown, it shouldn’t have been a problem: WB had already canceled her series. Then UPN picked it up. Oops.

So, Heigl will be on a new network sporting a very new look. A dramatically different Heigl will also be on display in NBC’s upcoming movie Ground Zero. “I get to play an adult,” she says, about her role as a brainiac college student.

NFL 2001 Game Faces (p 30)

Women are football’s fastest-growing group of fans. Here’s why five famous ones get a kick out of watching.

Patriots fan
Majandra Delfino, of UPN’s Roswell

My family is really eccentric – they’d rather go to a bullfight than a football game – so I definitely didn’t get interested because of them. I think it was just through the boys I knew. Now I’m a big New England fan, especially of defense. I get together with my castmates and watch games at Brendan Fehr’s house. I think football really defines our culture. It’s just such an American thing.