Potential Cross-over News For Roswell – Spoilers Ahead

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Learn of the Season’s First UPN Crossover!!

I am – Hercules!!

Does “Special Unit 2” cross over with “Smackdown!”?? No!!

Does “Buffy” cross over with “The Hughleys”?? Absolutely not!!

Does “Enterprise” cross over with … “Roswell”??

It does!

In “Roswell’s” fourth UPN episode, authored by Russel Friend & Garrett Lerner and titled “Secrets and Lies,” teen alien Max Evans will find himself in Hollywood, investigating the death of a guy we’ll see shooting at Michael in the Oct. 9 UPN premiere.

This suspicious demise will lead Max to probe the Paramount Pictures archives (!) in search of proof connecting the present-day murder to one from the past at the hands of the same alien. This proof, insists Max’s true love Liz, can be found in the dailies of a Paramount science fiction feature titled “They Are Among Us.”

How does Max get on the Paramount lot? A talent agent he meets at the dead man’s funeral puts Max up for an “Enterprise” audition. Who is Max auditioning with? “Enterprise” star Scott Bakula. Who is directing the “Enterprise” episode? “Star Trek” vet and “Roswell” executive producer Jonathan Frakes. (Behind the scenes, Frakes is also directing this episode of “Roswell.”)

For which “Enterprise” role is Max auditioning? An alien. Specifically “Korgan of the Bantoo,” who suspects Capt. Archer has invaded his sector of space to steal dilithium crystals. The audition doesn’t go particularly well: Frakes tells Max he’s not very convincing playing an extraterrestrial. The pitiless irony…


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TV News: AICN reports that there’ll be a crossover of “Roswell” and
“Enterprise” this year – the
fourth episode of the new season of “Roswell” has Max (Jason Behr)
visiting the Paramount Studio
to investigate the death of a man who shot at Michael and winds up
auditioning for the role of an
alien opposite Scott Bakula in “Enterprise” when Jonathan Frakes (whose
also directing this
“Roswell” episode) tells him he’s not very convincing playing an