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SCIFIWIRE: Appleby Happy ‘Roswell’s’ Back

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9:00am ET, 14-September-01

Appleby Happy Roswell’s Back

Roswell star Shiri Appleby (Liz) told SCI FI Wire that–despite the fact
co-star Brendan Fehr made it clear he didn’t want to return to the SF
series by not attending UPN’s press preview and from statements by his
representatives–there’s been no resulting tension on the set.

“Now that he’s here, we’re all friends, so it’s still fun,” she said in
an interview. “I think everyone is entitled to their opinion.”

But did Appleby want to return, or was she eager to get on with the rest
of her career? “The show has given me so much that I sort of prepared
myself either way,” said the 22-year-old actress, who did attend the
press preview for the Television Critics Association and who has been
actively promoting Roswell in the build-up to its third-season premiere
on Oct. 9. “To me, the show is my first big, adult job. So if the show
was going to stick around, I was definitely happy to be continuing with
it. And if Roswell was going to go away, I was also prepared.”

Roswell’s new season–its first on UPN–will begin with “Busted,” which
finds a rebellious Liz and Max (Jason Behr) getting arrested while
attempting to rob a liquor store. It’s an act they commit as part of
Max’s effort to find the son he sired with turncoat alien Tess (Emilie
de Ravin). The episode will mark a return to the show’s pivotal Liz-Max
storyline, which–along with the character of Liz–became secondary for
the better part of year two. “At the beginning it was a little bit
frustrating, but then you just realize that you are part of an ensemble,
and there are a lot of stories to be told,” said Appleby, who shot the
upcoming big-screen thriller Swimfan85 during her summer hiatus. “To be
honest, it was nice to have a break for a little while. I found it
interesting to watch Max with another person. And it was interesting for
me to have Devon Gummersall come on the show [as Sean DeLuca], because
it gave me the chance to work with someone else. But it was a little
hard at the beginning.”