Small Around The World Update

Thanks to Sylvie for this :)If anyone knows when the UK gets the new season, can you email me so I can announce it for everyone who may be wondering

Hi there, this is Sylvie from the UK. Lots of news in two UK magasines!!!First Jaon is on front page cover of Cult TimesSeptember issue and is labelled as “FUTURE KING” Nice photography as well on page 18 featuring Max and Isabelle together as the Evanses featuring season three comming out to you lucky peoples inOctober. Page 24, long article called “ROYAL THREE” and a three pages interviewof that exceptionnal man Jason Katims with 7 photograph 3 brilliant black and white of Max, Isabel and Michael. Other article in Dreamwatch issue of October. Page 38, Majandra Delphino titled as Shooting Star. This isa 3 page article well worth reading.

Thanks to Hayley for this :)

In the uk magazine ‘ntl:guide’ September 2001 issue a Roswell fan sent in a
letter asking if Roswell would be aired in the Uk. Here is the letter and
reply. (There is also a small picture of Max and Tess next to the letter.) :

‘After sighing with relief on finding out Buffy, Angel and Dark Angel are
returning, it occurred to me that my other favourite show Roswell, has never
been mentioned. Is it returning for a third series? And will it be on Sky

Here is the reply given :

‘There is a new, third, series of Roswell on the way, and it is likely to be
shown on Shy One. Keep an eye out for more news.’

Thanks to Tdel for this :)

For all the Toronto/Canadian fans, Citytv will be broadcasting
Roswell on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. The season 3 opener will
thus be on Monday, October 8th, beating out UPN by 24 hours. Thought I’d let you know.

Thanks to Candyboy for this :)

Roswell is returning to Australian TV’s on Wednesday 12th September. It’s on
Channel Nine at 12:00 am. The episode showing is ‘Max in The City’. Roswell
has been continuously moved around on Australian television this whole
season. Lets hope that it will remain here for the rest of the season.