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Fehr: Virginity no hindrance to playing rapist

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From the Celebrities section of
the Los Angeles Daily News today.

“Roswell” hottie Brendan Fehr has had his first look at the forthcoming “A
Windernesws Station” and tells us he’s pleased with the feature that marks a
massive departure for him- playing a cruel, backward frontiersman who is seen
committing rape four times.

Handsome Fehr, an avowed virgin who believes sex should wait until marriage,
doesn’t see a dichotomy between his views and his portrayal of the abusive
character. “Obviously, there’s a lot of stuff in movies that wouldn’t want
to do in real life, ” he points out. “You have to decide why something is
being done, what kind of message is coming across from it. My character is
by no means glorified…It’s necessary to show evil in the story in order to
show the good that comes out of it later.”

One might think that playing a rapist would be especially intimidating for
someone without sexual experience, but Fehr laughs off that notion. “Oh, you
just watch a lot of porn. No, seriously, you know where everything goes and
how it looks. You’ve been exposed to it over and over again in the media.
And, after all, with sex scenes in movies, every move is plannned and staged.
Just like fight scenes aren’t real fights; everything’s choreographed.”

Fehr picked the 2002-opening “A Wilderness Station” out of several movie
offers he had on the table- including a big-budget studio picture category.
“It’s an interesting role and good, character-driven story with a murder
mystery twist,” he notes.

As for his public stand regarding sex, he says with a sigh, “It’s not a
public stand. It’s a personal stand, which I stated in public, becuase I
didn’t think it was particularly a big deal. When someone asked, I
asnwereed. But now, if someone were to ask me, I’d probably say,’Next
question.’ People tend to jump on it whether they agree or disagree with it,
and it has no connection to anything in my career.”