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Band of Brothers-Colin’s Episode Airing Sunday

Thank you to everyone who sent this in. Now that the newest Borders has opened in Oxnard, I’m back to a semi-normal schedule and have more time to devote to re-updating the site and finally send in the transcript I have of “Cry Your Name” :( I know, bad Mandy! But please know, I didn’t forget or change my mind about keeping the news updates coming–I just had limited time the past few weeks.

Thanks to Marissa for this :)

I just wanted to remind you that next Sunday on HBO Band of brother Colin hanks is going to be on.

Thanks to Melissa for this :)

I’m sure you probably know this, but I just thought I’d pass it along just encase. I don’t know if you wanted to do a reminder on the CD news section, but if you do week 8 in Band of Brothers is coming up this coming Sunday the 21st and this is the episode that Colin is going to be in. I saw previews for it tonight. It looks good!!

Thanks to Katherine for this :)

– i just wanted to let you know that Colin Hanks will be on Band
of Brothers next Sunday night at 9 ET- 8 Central on HBO It’s a great
show, so everyone should watch it