ComingSoon Net: Mad Max and Brendan??

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More on Miller’s Mad Max 4 Statements
Thursday, November 22, 2001 11:32 CST

Last week we reported that scribe George Miller said at the AFI Awards he had finished the screenplay for “Mad Max 4” and that casting was “in process”. Now, ‘Horace’ has shared some more about his appearance.

I’m unaware who knows this or not; but I got to attend the AFI’s here in Australia a week ago (my first in 6 years – I’m a two-bit behind the scenes nobody). I won’t bore you with the mundane, but I had a chat to Dr. George Miller of “Mad Max” fame. We got talking about Mad Max, and he told me he is going to do the fourth one – but not make it in Australia.

He then said he hopes Mel would come on board – even if only in a supporting part. My table also pested him about the film and he got a few things out of him.

– He’s looking at casting now, and the one kid he likes out there at the moment is an actor called Brendan Fehr.
– needs lot of space.
– Mel Gibson wants in, even on a limited scale, with possibly Fehr taking lead