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Shiri Was Named Maxim Girlfriend Of The Day

Thanks to MountainGirl for this :)

Shiri is the girlfriend of the day for Maxim Online. Her pics are beautiful and if I may say so, the shirt she’s picked is right up my alley, v. tasteful IMO. I would totally wear it.

Shiri Appleby
Date of birth:
December 7, 1978

Los Angeles, California

Vital stats:

We know what you mean:
“I hate dishes, and I have a big problem with taking out the trash, and my roommate hates me. The trash and me, we just don’t get along. The trash and dishes.”

Where you’ve seen her:
Starring in the cult hit Roswell and in the movies Deal of a Lifetime, The Thirteenth Floor, and I Love You to Death. She’s the Levi’s jeans girl and has also guest starred on episodes of ER, Beverly Hills 90210, Xena, and Baywatch. She stars next in the indie film Swimfan85.

All-American, capitalist girl:
She started hawking Raisin Bran, Taco Bell, Cheerios, and M&Ms in commercials at age 4.

We’ll help overcome her fear of idiots:
A neighbor’s dog bit her when she was 6, prompting a lifelong fear of animals. To overcome her fear, she volunteered at the pound earlier this year and ended up adopting a tabby named Abby.

A star in training:
Many of her early roles were young versions of famous actresses, including a young Mary Tyler Moore, Sally Field, and Lucy Lawless.

It’s who you know:
At first, Roswell’s casting directors refused to look at her resumé, but she knew the director of the show’s pilot, and he convinced them to give her a chance.