Jason BehrLeading

Jason on NY Metro Guide

Thanks to Michaels Angel for this :)

I turned on my TV today and caught the end of an interview with Jason Behr on
New Yorks Metro guide TV. The interviewer gave Jason some Krispy Kremes and
then he took 5 back.. Jason was happy to get the donuts but gave the
interviewer a mean look as he stole them back.
The interviewer seemed to like Jason alot and was very complimentary of him.
But he did make Jason talk about high school and how he felt alienated during
it.. and than laughed and said he was determined to get Jason to tell and
embarasing story.
Jason mostly talked about Roswell and the Shipping News.. saying that he did
avoid another actor he was supposed to have a confrontation with in the
Shipping News.. so that when they finally did confront eachother in the movie
it would be.. more intense..
He said about Roswell that the parents on the show are begining to realize
that they are different.
The interview had brought that up saying that Roswell seems to be a lot of
whispering .. and Jason said that it’s because their characters are keeping
things on the down low. :)
I hope to catch the rest of this interview.. It’s on a local NY channel
called Metro Guide.. if anyone is looking to see it they do usually repeat
the show more than once.