Follow Your Heart… Let Roswell Capture It

From the Campaign Crew:

Hey Roswell Fans!

Get your postcards ready….

On Wednesday February 6th, Crashdown will be announcing an all new campaign that will show UPN that Roswellians are truly the best fans in the world! We need everyone to get their postcards and stamps ready. (Thanks for the campaign idea Tiffany!) We will be posting the images for the postcards at this time. (Thanks to Joe for the great work!)

We also need help in making everyone aware. If you know someone who doesn’t visit Crashdown regularly, please let them know that we are about to start a series of activities that may safely secure Roswell’s future. Presently, it is unclear whether the show will survive beyond springtime, as was the case during the past two years. This time, the situation is even more uncertain.

Please do not send anything to UPN until further instructions are provided. As everyone knows, our campaigns have the greatest impact when our timing is synchronized and we are all sending the same thing.

In addition, we’d like to send a couple of Valentine’s Day baskets to our decision-making friends at UPN/CBS. Fans who wish to be part of this exciting project can make donations by doing the following:

Go to Propay:

Follow the directions for payment at the site
Payments should be credited to
If you prefer not to use, contact us at or for further instructions.

Any funds received beyond the cost of the baskets will be saved for our next big project. Does anyone think it’s time to do a Roswell Ad? We sure do! We’re working on the details and will share them in the near future. We want the timing to be perfect, but there’s no reason why we can’t start collecting for it now.

Thanks to everyone for your unconditional support during these uncertain times. Please be patient, and let’s remain unified once again. We will have victory once more, one way or another! Be sure to check back on Wedesday.