A Song for Emilie de Ravin

The album “Lady of Mont-Saint-Michael” features a track named like the former Roswell actress Emilie de Ravin. The finish band “Digital Explosion” about the song:

“The composition has an Alien feeling about it and while thinking about the name for the song, we chose to name it after the hottest sci-fi girl ever, Emilie de Ravin. The song is a reflection of the cold nights, when the flashing lights on a deep black sky, can sometimes make us see more than just the stars in the sky.”

The song is 5 minutes and 41 seconds long and purely instrumental. “Digital Explosion” describe their music as “electronic music”, mostly dance/trance.

This is the tracklist of “Lady of Mont-Saint-Michael”:

1. “Galaxy of Magic”/ 2. “Je désir faire l’amour tu”/ 3. “Summer in Belize” / 4. “Dance Le Petit Prince” / 5. “Hardcore Symphony”/ 6. “Dark Passion” / 7. “Champs-Elysees” / 8. “Stars above” / 9. “J’ai envie..(Re-edited version)” / 10. “Visions of the Hero” / 11. “Story of Snowman and sunshine girl” / 12. “Emilie de Ravin”

Listen to some samples: digitalexplosion.fi