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Zombieroom.net: The most anticipated Finnish movies of 2012

“Hulluna Saraan / Love and Other Troubles” made it on Zomieroom.net’s most anticipated Finnish movies of 2012 list.


[…] This is the first film for the director Samuli Valkama, and it seems like he’s becominge a director who doesn’t necessarily dwell in the darkest corners to find a story, and although Finngrit is a thing of beauty and a nice export coming from Finland, we certainly need directors like Samuli and films like Love and Other Troubles to remind that it’s actually alright to live in Finland!

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If you are from Finland make sure to check out the latest issue of Cosmopolitan. The official Facebook page LoveAndOtherTroubles reports that the movie is featured in the magazine.

“Hulluna Saraan” will premiere in Finland on January 27, 2012.

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