Jason and Colin sighting in April 2002 Teen People

Thanks to Sonny916 for sending this in

There are two things in Teen People (April 2002) that are Roswell-Related.

One has a picture of Colin Hanks (in Star Tracks- Pg. 72), and something about Jason Behr as being one of our favorite intergalactic citizens over the past two decades (since the rerelease of E.T.) (Out of This World – Pg.90).

This is what the Jason one says:

Max Evans (Roswell, 1999-) Personal Data: the brooding teen (played by Jason Behr) grew up on earth after his spaceship crash-landed in Roswell, New Mexico. Special Powers: can heal with the touch of his hand. Last Reported Sighting: wearing a leather motorcycle jacket, searching for his alien son, weekly on UPN.