Pocket Books is relaunching the Roswell book line

Thanks to Lee for sending this in

From: Psi Phi

Quoting from Andy’s post on the SFTVNews mailing list:

Pocket Books is relaunching the Roswell book line this Fall for at least eight bimonthly paperbacks. Myself and my co-writer, Michael A. Martin will be writing the second of those books (and possibly more), set between the second and third seasons. Our book is called Roswell: Skeletons in the Closet, and it offers something not only for longtime Roswell fans, but SF and UFO fans in general.

Although no deals have been finalized, there has been talk of the books shifting to post-Season Three, continuing the characters from the end of the Roswell TV series. This has been done to good effect in Pocket’s Deep Space Nine series (for which Michael and I just finished a book), which is running the “eighth season” in its books now.

Look for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine “Mission Gamma: Cathedral” in Oct. 2002, and look for Roswell: Skeletons in the Closet in Nov. 2002.

More informaion on Andy can be found at his website