New Roswell Books Being Released

I was browsing through the December 23 issue of Publishers Weekly (it’s a magazine that deals with upcoming book releases, author events, signings, etc) and they had an article on TV shows and the book tie-ins and in the article, it talked about the Roswell books. Here are two of the upcoming books in the series. The first one is already released and can be bought at Amazon or your local bookstore.


You can run, but you can’t hide.
Night after night Kyle is haunted by nightmares of Alex’s death. He begs Isabel to help by dreamwalking him and removing the images from his mind. Isabel knows that’s not how her powers work, but Kyle is relentless and she fi nally agrees. The disturbing images she encounters in Kyle’s subconscious are almost too much to bear, but when she tries to exit his mind, she finds herself trapped in a maze of guilt — while back in the conscious world, Kyle is unable to wake her.

Meanwhile Liz invites Max to babysit with her. She wants to give him a chance to train for the day when he finds his own son. But watching this troubled child turns out to be not just another day in the park, and before they know it, Liz and Max are in way over their heads….

Quarantine will be released sometime in February or March of this year.