ET Article On Roswell

Thanks to Michelle for this :)Tune into the finale–I saw it the other night and it’s really good.

Tube Talk: That’s All, Folks
May 03, 2002
by Paulette Cohn, ET Online Staff

Part about Roswell below! (contains spoilers)

“And last, but not least, is the conclusion of “Roswell.” The alien series,
which launched on The WB in 1999, then moved to UPN in 2001, will conclude
on Tuesday, May 14, at 9 p.m. Unlike “The X-Files” which has searched to
prove the existence of aliens, “Roswell” acknowledges they are here and
deals with the relationships between humans and extra-terrestrials.”

In its series finale, “Graduation,” Max (JASON BEHR) proposes to Liz (SHIRI
APPLEBY) but the gesture is overshadowed when she has a premonition that the
government plans on killing the aliens at their high-school graduation. The
friends make plans — some happy, some sad — and, as it began, so it ends
in the desert outside Roswell.

But never fear, syndication and cable are here, so fans will be able to
watch reruns of their favorites for years to come.”