TV Zone #151 – Roswell feature

Thanks to Mark Wyman for sending this in..

The new edition of TV Zone will have a double cover of Roswell with Max on one side and Liz on the other. There will also be an episode guide and an article about it.

I have this on VERY good authority.

check out: www.visimag.com/tvzone/

This issue – TV Zone #151 – is published in the UK today – and TV Zone’s main webpage (see URL above) has had a revamp to go with it!

In print, from the editorial onwards (‘I’ll miss the weekly adventures of Max, Liz and the others…’ says editor Tom Spilsbury) this issue salutes the passing of ‘Sci-Fi TV’s best kept secret’.

In total there are 10 pages devoted to Roswell, plus a unique dual cover of Max and Liz on every issue (front and back pages). The cover feature analyses the main characters’ development – it’s not all as frivolous as the accompanying material that I’ve selected for the web-site.

Double cover - Shiri Appleby Double cover - Shiri Appleby